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2018 Real Estate Appraised Valuation Notices

The 2018 Annual Notice of Appraisal and Classification for all real estate parcels in Wyandotte County were mailed on Monday, March 5, 20181, and had an appeal deadline of Wednesday, April 4, 2018, thirty days after the mail date.

Once a property owner receives their new valuation, if the appraised value is more than they feel that they would reasonably get if the property was sold, or if they feel the classification is incorrectly assigned, then one should consider an appeal.

The Appraiser's Office is required to value property at a fair market value2, which means that values should reflect what's happening in the real estate market. Wyandotte County, as well as surrounding areas, has experienced an appreciating market over the last several years; therefore, some areas of the county will see this represented in their new valuation, resulting in higher appraisals.

Property owners who wish to appeal their value and/or classification may do so by filling out the appeal form on the back of the valuation notice and mailing or delivering it to the Appraiser's Office at 8200 State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. Once the informal appeal deadline has expired and a property owner did not initiate a timely appeal, the next opportunity to appeal is when the 2018 tax bills are due, which is on or before December 20, 2018.

Once a timely appeal is initiated, the Wyandotte County Appraiser's Office will schedule an informal meeting to discuss the property's value and/or classification. It is important to bring in documentation to support the appeal. Documentation may include such items as a recent fee appraisal, pictures of the condition that cannot be seen from the exterior of the property, comparable properties that have sold that the property owner feels more closely represents the value of the property, etc.

Property owners are encouraged to visit the Wyandotte County Appraiser's Office website at by clicking on the "Property Search", where the most current property value information will be made available.

1Extension granted pursuant to K.S.A. 79-1404, Seventeenth
2Exception is agricultural land, which is valued on a "use value"

The 2018 Personal Property valuation notices will be mailed April 30, 2018.

Per K.S.A. 79-1460, the County Appraiser's Office is required to notify taxpayers of the valuation and classification of their personal proeprty on or before May 1st.

If the property  identified on the notice does not represent property owned by you, or you wish to appeal the value/classification, you must  contact the Wyandotte County Appraiser's Office at 913-573-8400. Please note that when calling be sure to choose 'option 3' for individual personal property ' or 'option 4' for commercial personal property' to schedule an informal hearing on or before the May 15th, 2018 deadline.
 If you have questions, we will be happy to assist you. Please call our office at 913-573-8400.