Wyandotte County Library Board
Appointments are made of eleven members noiminated by the Mayor and Commissioners, who must be residents of designated geographic areas (2from the City of Edwardsvill, 1 from the City of Bonner Springs, 2 from USD 202 (Turner), 2 from USD 203 (Piper), and 4 from USD 500 (Kansas City, KS).

1.) To contract with any library for the furnishing of library service to inhabitants of the Library District (Piper, Edwardsville, and Turner).
2.) To set the amount of the tax levy to be levied in the Libary District in order to pay for the cost of libarary service to the District.
3.) To set a budget for the expenditure of funds raised by the tax levy in order to provide library service to inhabitants of the Library District.
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