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Business License


Business Applications:
All businesses located in or conducting work in Kansas City Kansas, need to file an Occupation Tax application with our office.  Some activities are regulated by ordinance and require an additional application for the regulated license or permit.
The filing is for Kansas City KS only.  For business activities in Bonner Springs or Edwardsville contact that city direct.  There is no separate filing with the county.
Application Process:

Your business   (will be)   physically located in Kansas City Kansas
     Business will be conducted from a commercial location
     Business will be conducted from the home where you reside

Your business   (will not be)   physically located in Kansas City Kansas:
     Business   (has previously)   conducted work in KCK and has a prior business record
     Business   (has not previously)   conducted work in KCK and this is a new application to the city
Renewal for a current business:
Renewal notices are mailed the first week of December.  The renewal period begins December 1st and runs through the end of February.  Delinquent penalties are assessed monthly beginning March 1st.  If you have not received your renewal by mid-December, please contact our office at: (913) 573-8780 and we will forward a copy.  If renewals are handled by third party entities, any changes to the record (address, phone, ownership, organizational structure, etc.), will need to be made by the business, or permitted to the third party with the business ownership assigning them as agent, or by power of attorney.  This effort is to limit malicious change attempts by competitors, disgruntled staff, or someone wanting to impede a business activity.
Staff are available for questions, guidance, and assistance. Do not hesitate to contact us.  913-573-8780

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