Captain D. Soptic
710 N. 7th Street
Suite 20
Phone: 913-573-2861

Lt Soptic
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The Operations Division serves the citizens of Wyandotte County by providing law enforcement, civil process, and inmate transport services.

The division is composed of the following:

  • Civil Process: This unit is assigned four deputies and enforces orders issued by the various courts by serving process, executing judgments, and Night Traffic Stopmaking returns on the orders.
  • Court Transport: This unit t is assigned seven deputies and transports inmates to and from court hearings, maintains courtroom security and accepts custody of individuals on order of the court.
  • Facility Transport-Adult: This unit is assigned two deputies and transports inmates from local and state facilities to Wyandotte County, and transports sentenced inmates from Wyandotte County to state correctional facilities.
  • Criminal Warrants: This unit is assigned three deputies and locates and arrests individuals on criminal and civil warrants and transports them to the detention facility for processing.
  • Delinquent Taxes: This is assigned one deputy and unit collects taxes due by contacting the defendants, serving orders of the court and collecting the monies owed and delivering it to the county treasurer.
  • Evictions: This unit restores real property to the possession of the owner by service of, and enforcement of orders issued by the courts.
  • Probate Services: This unit is assigned one deputy that serves the Probate Court by transporting individuals whom the court has reason to believe are at risk to themselves and/or others.  The patients are located and transported to medical facilities throughout the state and brought to the court on order of the court.
  • Tag Enforcement: This unit is assigned two deputies and enforces the regulations governing vehicle registration by answering citizen complaints, making random road checks, and scheduled tag enforcement checkpoints for proper licensing, registration, and financial security requirements.  The enforcement of these laws helps to ensure payment of personal property tax.
  • Park Law Enforcement: This unit is assigned seven deputies and is responsible for enforcing state laws and local ordinances within the Wyandotte County park system.
  • Investigations:  This unit provides the Sheriff’s Office with thorough, consistent and fair investigations on internal and external matters originating in the Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers, as well as those investigations originating from the Field Services Division.