Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT)

Undersheriff Larry Roland
710 N. 7th Street
Suite 20
Phone: 913-573-2861

emer response team

One of the primary duties of the Sheriff’s Department is to manage the incarceration of adult and juvenile offenders in the local county detention centers and provide for their safety therein.  Therefore, in the event of offender unrest/criminal activity occurring within the detention facilities, the Sheriff’s department has historically maintained a specialized unit of officers trained to provide strategic intervention.  This specialized unit of officers is in the process of evolving into the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team.

Specifically, the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) is designed to provide specialized public safety services to local courts, corrections and law enforcement agencies, as well as to the community at large.  The S.E.R.T. has five primary objectives:

  • To provide specialized law enforcement intervention specific to the pursuit and capture of those criminals involved in drug and/or terrorist activities. 
  • To provide tactical support to local law enforcement agencies. 
  • To pursue and apprehend high risk/violent offenders on warrant status.
  • To respond to citizens concerns regarding suspected criminal activity in a pro-active and time sensitive manner.
  • To provide tactical intervention to quell unrest/criminal activity within the local detention centers.

It is, unfortunately, a fact that the most recently recognized and perhaps greatest threat to our citizens comes from organized terrorist activities.  This most recent threat, along with the criminal activities that continue to be associated with the drug trade, require us to be vigilant in our pursuit of those who would do our citizens most harm and maintain a level of preparedness adequate to intervene as required. The S.E.R.T. team will provide the kind of highly trained, specialized law enforcement response necessary to for us to best serve our community.

In addition, as we have historically maintained a tactical team in a state of preparedness to primarily manage unrest within the detention centers, the development of the S.E.R.T. will allow this specialized training to be utilized not only within the confines of the detention centers, but will allow for expansion of services to the citizens of the county and the law enforcement community.  The investment into the ongoing specialized training, equipment needs, personnel, etc. of the S.E.R.T. will now reap a much larger return as our mission and objectives have expanded in response to the needs of the community.

Wyandotte County currently has over 870 outstanding criminal felony warrants.   The S.E.R.T. team will have the training and resources necessary to pursue and apprehend those felons deemed to be “high risk” offenders, reducing public safety risk to the community.  In addition, community members may report suspected criminal activity to the Office of the Sheriff.  The S.E.R.T. may be utilized to investigate if, in fact, the alleged crimes are being committed and develop a tactical plan to intervene upon those activities in a proactive and time sensitive manner.

Currently, two of the three cities located with the boundaries of the county, Bonner Springs and Edwardsville, do not have specialized tactical units available via their respective local police departments.  The S.E.R.T. may be utilized by those cities to “fill in the gap” of resources available to those local police departments in the event they have need of a tactical unit.