Concealed Carry Handgun Licensing

In addition to registering offenders, the Offender Registration Unit also processes Concealed Carry Handgun License applications, on Mon-Wed-Fri 0800-1630.

Kansas Attorney General’s concealed carry website:

Instructions for Application
Please complete the application fully by typing or printing in ink all requested information. Attach all of the required items listed and submit your completed application to the Sheriff’s Office in your county of residence. The Sheriff will take your fingerprints and forward your concealed carry handgun license (CCHL) application to the Attorney General (AG).

For new applications or those which have permanently expired, you must attach two money orders, cashier’s checks or personal checks: One for $100 payable to “Office of the Attorney General;” and one for $32.50 payable to “Sheriff of Wyandotte County.”


A photocopy of a certificate signed by an AG approved instructor showing the applicant’s completion of an approved training course. A certificate of completion may not be required if: (a) you are a retired law enforcement officer and apply within 8 years of retiring; or (b) you are a new resident to Kansas on or after July 1, 2010 and are in possession of a valid concealed handgun license issued by a jurisdiction whose training is equal to or greater than the Kansas training requirement.  (you can review the training requirements in K.S.A. 75-7c04)

For new residents to Kansas who have a valid non-Kansas CCL and are requesting the 180-day receipt:
(visit the Attorney General’s website at  to view recognized non-Kansas license information)

A 2” x 2” frontal view (head & shoulders, no sunglasses or hats), passport-type color photograph of the applicant taken within the preceding 30 days is required. Attach your photo to page 2 of the application.

A photocopy of your Kansas Driver’s License or Kansas Identification Card is required. Eligible active duty military personnel and their dependents living in Kansas and possessing a non-Kansas driver’s license or state issued ID card must attach hereto a copy of: (a) their driver’s license or state issued ID card; and (b) the orders which currently station the member (or dependent) in Kansas. DO NOT PHOTOCOPY OR ATTACH A PHOTOCOPY OF A MILITARY ID or CAC CARD to this application.

By statutory mandate, the AG has 90 days to approve or deny an application. If approved, you will receive a notice of approval in the mail and be directed to a State driver’s license station to obtain your license. You must pay any additional fees the Department of Revenue requires to issue the CCHL card.