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Public Levee

1401 Fairfax Trafficway, Building E-200
Kansas City, Kansas 66115
Phone: 913-321-8300
Fax: 913-321-8512

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  • Ample Distribution and Light Manufacturing Space Available
  • Economical Office Facilities
  • Convenient to Rail, Truck, Air, and Water Transportation
  • Superb Access to all Interstate Systems

TENANTS:Engineering Firms, Food Brokers, Contractors

  • Adequate parking, no additional charge
  • Brightly-lit exterior
  • Ground service, snow removal
  • Security Patrol - Armed
  • BPU - water & lights and KPL - gas
  • Convenient access to both KCKansas
    & KCMO Downtown business districts
  • Superb access to all Interstate Systems
  • Low lease rates & utility costs


  • Storage
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Offices



"C" Building100 ft.BuildingC       
450 ft.

"B" Building

"D" BuildingBuildingD*features additonal offices

"A" Building

  • 22,000 sq. ft. of space can be subdivided to suit your office needs
  • New heat reflective bronze thermal glass
  • Janitorial service and all utilities provided

Mezzanine Office and Dock Level AreasRent as many or as few units as your needs requires; elevator available between Dock Level and Lower Level provides extra convenience for distributors and light manufacturing activities.  Protection above 500 year flood level.

Each unit includes 2655 sq. ft.  Basement area of 2081 sq. feet available with some units ... view layout

  • Heating and air conditioning with individual temperature controls
  • Warehouse space fully sprinkled and 24 hour monitored
  • Security patrol - armed
  • Insulated roofs
  • Thermal windows, bronze glass with screens and venitian blinds
  • Standard signage provided
  • Full maintenance provided, staff on the complex

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