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Daniel Gilyeat always wanted a better life for himself, so he thought defending his country and serving in the US marine corp. would give him just that. Daniel was called up for duty and went over to Iraq to serve our country. His was expecting a gruesome and dangerous tour, but came home safe and was excited to return to his family.

The Marines asked Daniel if he wanted to go back to Iraq for a second tour, this was not mandatory. Daniel loved the Marines and so he went.

Then on July 3rd 2003 while out on a mission a bomb hit his truck and he suffered major injuries. His M-16 rifle he carried between his legs was in splinters and his left leg was ripped from his body. Because of the great lose of blood, Daniel almost died twice on his way to the military hospital. He was discharged and sent home. 27 days after Daniel suffered these injuries he was up and around with his prosthetic leg. He knew he had to be positive and not let this ruin his life. He would go to visit other wounded soldiers and talk with their families inspiring them and encouraging them.

Daniel only wanted the best for his family and was prepared to do anything it took to do that, even if it meant risking his life in Iraq. Daniel is now determined to raise his children and inspire others to overcome tragedy. His home is in disrepair and with his disability he has done everything he can to make this tiny house work for his family. The house isn't wheelchair accessible and Daniel can only wear his prosthetic leg for a few hours during the day until it becomes sore and then he has to rely on his wheelchair. This makes it nearly impossible for him to get around, all the floors are uneven and the doors are way to small to get through. He has fallen many times in the bathroom and on his front porch since there isn't a ramp. In the basement they have a washer and dryer. To get to the basement you have to open a latched door on the floor and walk down old wooden stairs. This home is dangerous for any child to walk down and even more so for Daniel having to hop on one leg up and down the stairs is nearly impossible.

This is not a sad story but one of hope and inspiration. Asking Daniel if he would go and fight for his country again, there was no pause or hesitation, it was an immediate YES. He knows his strength and positive attitude is the reason this has happened to him. Daniel gives so much of himself to his neighbors and everyone around him it is hard to believe how positive he is. He wants the best for his kids and was willing to sacrifice his life for them.

Daniel Gilyeat / Father / Age - 35
Daniel is a marine and served 2 tours in Iraq. On his second tour he was wounded and lost his leg above the knee. He is a single father and loves his kids. 27 days after losing his leg he was up and walking with a prosthetic leg and inspiring other wounded soldiers by visiting them in the hospital and speaking with their families. He works on cars to make money and does massage. He loves to draw and do martial arts and extreme sports.

Alexis Gilyeat / Daughter / Age - 9
4th grader, loves Math and doing things outside like go carting, and loves horses. She loves Hannah Montana, Raven and Zac and Cody. She likes playing with Barbie dolls, but since they are expensive doesn't have many. She is not a girlie girl (a bit of tom boy) she still likes fashion and spending time with her dad who she thinks is the biggest hero.

Victoria Gilyeat / Daughter / Age - 8
2nd grader loves to read and is a bit shy at first. Loves Hannah Montana, Monsters Inc. and Dora the Explorer. She is more of a tom boy than her sister Alexis.

Danny Gilyeat / Son / Age - 6
Kindergarten People call him "Eddie Munster" because of his widow peak. Loves go carting and is fearless. He is also into cars and is really into Choppers (motorcycles) he likes fixing cars and gets that mechanic bug from his dad.

Nicholas Gilyeat / Son / Age - 4
Youngest of the kids...also fearless and loves cars. His favorite movie is Cars. He loves superheroes, Spiderman and Batman being his favorite. Just like his brother he likes working on cars and helping his dad. He loves the movie Cars and Characters Lightening McQueen and Motor. A bit shy at first but will warm up quick.

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