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Policy Guidance for 2013 Budget

Through the Strategic Planning Process, the Board of Commissioners has developed the following policy guidance for the preparation of the 2013 Budget:

A. REDUCE PROPERTY TAX RATE- Property tax rates must be reduced over the near future term through incremental and sustainable reductions, eventually bringing Unified Government rates to competitive levels with other Kansas communities. In order to reach this goal maintaining the current property rate for 2013 is acceptable.

B. RESTORE FUND BALANCES - To reach the government's stated financial objectives, and maintain strong credit ratings.

C. RECUDE DEBT - Funding annual projects on a pay-as-you go basis is a long-term budget objective.

D. ADDRESS EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION ISSUES - Should be addressed, across the board for both employees represented by organized labor and non-union employees.

E. MAINTAIN CORE SERVICES AT ADEQUATE LEVELS - These services should be provided in the moste efficient and effective manner possible.

F. SHIFT RESOURCES TO MATCH COMMISSION PRIORITIES - Neither broad service reductions nor widespread employee reductions are acceptable in the 2013 Budget. Although shifts of personnel resources to match Commission priorties such as Weed Abatement in 2012 and Code Enforcement in 2013 are anticipated.

G. BUDGET CASINO REVENUES - Conservatively until definite revenue trends emerge.

H. IMPLEMENTATION OF COMMISSION NEIGHBORHOOD INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAM - Through planning and design in 2012 and into construction phase in 2013 is a priority.

I. RESTORE ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTH INSURANCE RESERVE FUNDS - On an incremental basis over the next 5-7 years.

J. ANALYZE FUNDING FOR OUTSIDE AGENCIES - Adjusting to appropriate levels.

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