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Board of Commissioners

City Hall
701 N. 7th Street
9th Floor
Phone: 913-573-5040

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

Housing - Neighborhood/Community Development
Develop policies and programs that:

  • Grow neighborhoods to their maximum potential;
  • Make property owners accountable for their property;
  • Foster a diverse housing stock

Infrastructure - Public Works/Public Safety
Invest in infrastructure to build community and support neighborhood development while encouraging private investment and community partnerships to meet infrastructure needs.


Education/Workfore Development - Administration/Human Services
Maintain a collaborative working relationship with various education institutions and the business community to maximize community resources and enhance learning, college readiness, and career pathway opportunities in our community. 


Economic Development - Economic Development
Foster an environment in which small and large businesses thrive, jobs are created, redevelopment continues, tourism grows and businesses relocate in the community. 


Multimodal Transportation - Neighborhood/Community Development
Create a transportation system that moves people to where they want to go including work, services, and amenities. 


Social Services - Administration/Human Services
Promote and provide social services and facilities to improve the life, health and living conditions of our citizens, targeting the most at risk. 


Healthy Community/Recreation - Neighborhood/Community Development
Encourage lifestyles through programs, services and facilities that maximize the health and well-being of our citizens and enhances quality of life. 


Environment - Public Works/Public Safety
Protect natural resources and comply with state and federal regulations in the most cost effective manner to improve environment of our region. 


Public Safety - Public Works/Public Safety
Ensure our community is among the safest and that citizens feel safe in their homes, places of work and throughout the community.


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