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Board of Commissioners


Goal:   Develop policies and programs that:
  • Grow Neighborhoods to their maximum potential
  • Make property owners accountable for their property: and
  • Foster a diverse housing stock
I. Short Term
  A. Establish a task force to review overall housing policy with final report due summer 2013. Participants shall include Unified Government, CDBG, Code Enforcement, Land Bank, Housing Authority, CDC's, Not-for-Profits, BPU & Community Lenders/Realtors.
  B. To Restore code enforcement effectiveness
    a.   Review staffing levels
b.   Aggressively pursue environmental violations, i.e." Trash and Weed violations
c.   Explore new technologies and applications to increase efficiencies and effectiveness
d.   Coordinate more closely with other agencies in dealing with extensive structural violations; and,
e.   Maintain rental licensing and landlord training
  C. Coordinate demolition decisions with neighborhoods needs, redevelopment opportunities and commission priorities
II. Long Term
  A. Develop a plan to market housing across Kansas City, Kansas including land bank properties. Strategies should include UG and BPU, realtors, developers, builders and CDCs.
  B. Seek outside funding, including but not limited to Section 42, tax credit and tax incentives and philanthropic foundation grants.
  C. Strengthen neighborhood relations including community policing, schools and PTA's, churches and other institutional partners.
  D. Establish a revolving loan fund involving local vendors to rehabilitate and preserve existing housing stock.

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