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Improve and finance infrastructure to comply with federal regulations, encourage
private investment, and build community:


Short Term


A.   Before July 1, 2012 finalize the four-year program of neighborhood  
      infrastructure totaling $4,400,000.00 for 2012-2015. Program and begin the 
      planning following for 2013 construction


B.   Alter the CMIP process by March 1, 2013 to include a more detail prioritization


  •  The process will include realistic funds to be planned and assigned
  • The selected projects will be based on a benefit analysis
  • Priority consideration should also include federal regulations and leveraged
    private investment
  • Finalize the consensus in direction on the Public Building Commission and
    complete the PBC plan by December 31, 2012.


Long Term


A.   Establish a process so that the first two years of the five-year CMIP are finalized 
       and only the last three years are revisited in the annual budget review.


B.   Develop departmental 5-10 year facility master plans for those that use CMIP  


C.   Develop a planned maintenance/replacement schedule for all UG-owned 
       facilities using the same "cost recovery in lieu of rent" so that we "pay true
       true cost as we go."


D.   Provide sufficient funds for compliance with all federal consent orders.


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