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Maintain a collaborative working relationship with the various educational institutions and the business community to maximize community resources and enhance learning, college readiness, and career pathway opportunities in our community:


Short Term

  A. Develop internship, mentoring and shadowing opportunities for high school and community college students.
  B. Implement community-wide internship, mentoring and job-shadowing programs with all educational institutions, area businesses, and business organizations.
  C. Develop an incentive-based economic development policy that rewards and recognizes businesses that offer these programs and a "comeback" policy.
  D. Partner with educational institutions to highlight public sector career opportunities.
  E. Establish an educational advisory board with representation from each educational institution to monitor the outcomes and effectiveness of internship, mentoring and job-shadowing programs.
  F. Work with stakeholders to improve marketing of community educational and training resources and opportunities.


Long Term

  A. Develop long-term partnerships with educational institutions.
  B. Encourage educational institutions to develop curriculum and certification programs that meet the demands of the marketplace, and allow students to earn credits for participation in internships.
  C. Encourage community colleges to offer pro-rated tuition rates to students based on their work experience as it relates to the course, certification, or degree they are pursuing.
  D. Develop agreements with educational institutions for use of school facilities outside the normal school year; i.e., auditoriums, swimming pools, ball fields, etc.
  E. Coordinate capital improvement projects with educational institutions to leverage capital expenditures; i.e., paving, facility maintenance, and certain service contracts.
  F. Organize with educational institutions to implement a Unified Government event, recognizing student academic, civic, and athletic achievement.

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