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Economic Development 



Foster an enviroment in which small and large businesses thrive, jobs are
created, redevelopment continues, tourism continues to grow and businesses
locate in the community:


Short Term


A.   Identify redevelopment strategy for Fairfax.


B.   Develop a strategy to attract "white collar" and technology/google related 
       business opportunities in Wyandotte County.


C.   Market new NRA policy regarding the focus on small businesses and all
      available tools. 


D.   Create a website presence that outlines all available incentives for small and
       large businesses and retail, commercial, industrial and residential  


E.    Evaluate revolving loan fund policies to promote more use.


Long Term


A.    Develop a commercial component for the land bank to foster business 
       development in addition to housing development.


B.   SRe-evaluate the role of local/minoirty/woment business and pevailing wage 
       regarding smaller projects to determine whether such a requirement affects
       their ability to succeed.


C.   Define the Unified Government's role in business incubator, focusing on 
       financial incentives, business support, partnerships with educational 
       institutions and funding.


D.   Create an economic development policy that has long-term/sustainable
       components that extend beyond abatement periods.

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