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Promote and provide social services and facilities to improve the life health, and living conditions of our citizens, targeting the most at risk:


Short Term

  A. Develop a plan for distribution of casino funds for Social Services and charitable organizations by the end of 2012.
  B. By the end of 2012, develop a database identifying social service needs and agencies in the community which meet those needs (both UG and outside).
  • include number of clients served by each resource
  • identify overlaps in services
  • identify gaps in services
  C. Develop a realistic plan addressing the extent to which government services address the following areas of need: aging, disabilities, mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment.
  D. Develop a plan for leveraging UG funds with federal, state, and private funds for maximum impact.


Long Term

  A. Determine which social services the UG should provided.
  B. Pursue federal and state funding to provide the social services.
  C. Where possible, collaborate with other organizations to provide social services.

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