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Healthy Communities/Recreation 



Encourage healthy lifestyles through program services and facilities
that result in the Unified Government improving its state ranking for
overall health:


Short Term


A.   Establish and implement a plan for county-wide recreational complex with  
       funding identified in 2013.


B.   Determine programs needed to improve the health ranking of Wyandotte County.

  C.   Collaborate with Healthy Communities Wyandotte to improve the health of the
       people in our community through:


  • Communications Action Team
  • Education Action Team
  • Access to quality education and support services that promote readiness for school,
    future education and subsequent career
  • Environmental infrastructure Action Team
    Build, redesign, and better utilize Wyandotte County's environmental infrastructure
    to proved opportunities for healthy and active living
    1. Resolve Urban Soccer field opportunity  
  • Nutrition Action Team
    Improve Wyandotte County's food environment so that all residents can and want
    to eat healthy foods.
  • Healthy Services Action Team
    Increase access to quality and affordable mental and oral health services in
    Wyandotte County.

D.  Increase and improve programming options in existing facilities.



Long Term


A.   Partner with community organizations such as the University of Kansas,  
       KCK Community College, school districts and other community partners
       to implement the initiatives identified in the Health Communities Wyandotte


B.   Dedicate a portion of the one percent community casino contributions in 2014 
       to help fund these initiatives.

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