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Public Safety




Provide the public's safety through best practices with results in lower crime rate, safer dwellings and businesses and efficient court services:


Short Term

  A. Identify public perception of public safety and then develop public education program, focusing on core issues of crime, firefighting and inmate housing outcomes and resources, compared with national standards.
  B. Approach public safety in a holistic manner, with the police department, Sheriff, courts, district attorney and corrections working together, using technology to foster communication among these agencies.
  C. Work within the UG organizations, social service providers and outside agencies to address mental health issues, which daily influence public safety operations.


Long Term

  A. Develop master plan for pubic safety programming, facilities and staff.
  B. Research and implement best practices for policies and enforcement strategies.
  C. Staff public safety services adequately with a workforce reflective of the community.
  D. Determine alternatives to detention and prosecution.
  E. Use task force approach to target high-risk violent and drug crimes.
  F. Continue to research and implement best practices (national standards) to insure the safety of our residents and firefighters.
  G. Provide for and maintain a standard of excellence for response times across our entire community as a whole for fire suppression and EMS response.

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