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The Wyandotte County Election Office is responsible for conducting elections in Wyandotte County. Election management includes voter registration, early voting, and Election Day voting for the following jurisdictions:


This notice covers persons who have applied to register to vote and have not yet provided proof of citizenship.  Due to recent court rulings, if you have applied to register to vote at a Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles office or if you have applied to register to vote using the "Federal Form" voter registration application (as opposed to the standard 'state form') and have not yet provided proof of citizenship, you are registered to vote unless you receive official notice stating otherwise.  Your name will appear on the poll book for your voting location and you will be given a standard ballot.  There is nothing further you need to provide unless and until you receive further notice. 

If you have questions concerning your eligibility or this notice you may contact your local county election office or the Secretary of State's office at (800) 262-8683. 

Wyandotte County & City of Kansas City, KS
City of Bonner Springs City of Edwardsville

City of Lake Quivira

Board of Public Utilities

29TH Judicial District and District Attorney

Kansas City, KS Community College

Unified School Districts

  • USD# 202 Turner
  • USD# 203 Piper
  • USD# 204 Bonner Springs/Edwardsville
  • USD# 500 Kansas City, KS

Drainage Districts

  • Fairfax
  • Kaw Valley
  • Wolcott


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