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Mail Ballot Elections

Mail Ballot

What is a Mail Ballot Election?

Mail Ballot Election Day

How Do I Get a Ballot?

Voter Instructions for a Mail Ballot Election

What is the deadline for returning ballots to the Election Office?

Privacy Protection and the Secret Ballot

Mail Ballot Election Results


What is a Mail Ballot Election? top

A mail ballot election is a special election conducted entirely by mail. Ballots are mailed to registered voters; ballots are marked by the voters and returned by mail to the Election Office. Ballots may also be returned in person at the Election Office during regular business hours. All ballots must be returned by 12:00 Noon on Election Day.

A mail ballot election may only be conducted for a "question-submitted" election, such as a  school district seeking approval of a bond issue for the district.

Mail Ballot Election Day top

Election Day for a mail ballot election is the deadline for ballots to be returned to the Election Office. The mail ballot deadline is 12:00 Noon on Election Day. Ballots returned after the noon deadline cannot be counted. Election Day is always on a Tuesday.

How Do I Get a Ballot? top

Voters residing within the jurisdiction, who are registered at least 30 days prior to Election Day, automatically receive a mailed ballot. You must be registered to vote to receive a mailed ballot automatically. Ballots are mailed beginning 20 days before Election Day.

Voters registering after the 30-day deadline to automatically receive a ballot, but before the Voter Registration deadline (21 days before Election Day), must apply for a mailed ballot using a Mail Ballot Application form provided by the Election Office. The Mail Ballot Application must be received in the Election Office not later than the Friday prior to Election Day for a ballot to be mailed to any voter.

For a mail ballot election, there will not be any polling places open on Election Day or any other time. To vote in a mail ballot election you must receive a ballot by mail. Voted ballots can only be returned by mail or delivered in person to the Election Office, 850 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101.

    Make certain you are a registered voter!

If you are a registered voter, you are already registered for a mail ballot election. Registered voters have been sent a Certificate of Voter Registration that identifies their ward and precinct and school district, as well as the elected officials who represent them. If you have lost or misplaced your Certificate of Registration, you can obtain a replacement by calling the Election Office, 573-8500. You can view the voter information provided on your Certificate of Registration by visiting the VoterView website (https://myvoteinfo.voteks.org).

If you are not registered, you must register to vote in a mail ballot election. Voter registration for a mail ballot election closes 21 days before Election Day. Anyone, who registers to vote within 30 days before Election Day but before voter registration closes, is eligible to apply for a mail ballot. A ballot will not be sent automatically.

When a mail ballot election is scheduled, a mail ballot application form is available only at the Election Office or on the Election Office website. A resident of the jurisdiction holding the election may submit a voter registration application and a mail ballot application together. The voter registration application must be postmarked or received in the Election Office by the date voter registration closes. A mail ballot application must be received in the Election Office by the Friday immediately prior to Election Day. No ballot will be mailed to any voter after Friday.

Voter Instructions for a Mail Ballot Election top 

Every ballot mailed will include instructions on completing the ballot and applying the voter's signature to the return envelope. Please follow these instructions carefully in order to ensure that your ballot is counted. Your envelope must contain your signature and address, and must be received in the Election Office by noon on Election DayReturn postage is paid.

Only one voted ballot is permitted to be returned in each return envelope. It is impossible to determine the validity of multiple ballots in the same envelope, and as a result none are counted. In a mail ballot election, a person casting more than one ballot voids all ballots cast by that person.

The back of the return envelope has an AFFIDAVIT OF VOTER. The voter, and only the voter to whom the mail ballot was sent, must sign this affidavit. No one else can sign for the voter. Power of Attorney is not valid for voting. Write the voter's address on the line provided underneath the signature line. The voter's signature and current address are required by Kansas Statute. If the affidavit is not signed by the voter, Kansas law prohibits anyone from opening the envelope or counting the votes on the ballot. The Affidavit of Voter must be signed before the ballot can be opened and counted!

The back of the return envelope also has an AFFIDAVIT OF ASSISTANCE.

A voter with an illness, disability, or who is not proficient in reading the English language may need the assistance of another person to apply for, mark, and/or return their ballot. Any such person providing assistance to a voter must sign the Affidavit of Assistance. Note that the person providing assistance is not allowed to sign the Affidavit of Voter.

What is the Deadline for Returning Ballots to the Election Office? top

All ballots cast in a mail ballot election must be returned to the Wyandotte County Election Office on or before 12:00 Noon on Election Day. If you are mailing your voted ballot to the Election Office, you must mail it early enough so it will arrive in the Election Office not later than 12:00 Noon on Election Day. If you are not confident that the US Postal Service will get your ballot to the Election Office by the 12 noon deadline, you may deliver your ballot in person. All ballots personally returned to the Election Office on Election Day must be received by 12:00 Noon. Ballots received in the Election Office after the deadline cannot be counted.

Privacy Protection and the Secret Ballot top

The privacy and secrecy of your vote is maintained by careful and deliberate procedure when returned mail ballot envelopes are opened. All envelopes are opened by a special election board. When the envelopes are opened, the ballot is removed and placed face down in one pile to prevent anyone from seeing how the ballot is voted. The empty envelope is placed in a separate pile.

Once the ballot is separated from the envelope, putting a ballot back with an envelope is prohibited. Empty envelopes are stacked face up, which places the voter name, signature, and address out of view of the special board members as well as any observers who might be present. Observers are prohibited from handling any ballot or envelope or from coming within three feet of any ballot or envelope, special board member or work table.

Ballots are then inserted into an optical scan ballot reader which counts the vote or votes cast on each ballot. Once the ballot is fed into the optical scan reader it becomes impossible to associate any ballot with a return envelope. When counted ballots are removed from the ballot box, they are placed into a special carton which is sealed. Empty return envelopes are packed in separate cartons.

Mail Ballot Election Results top

Unofficial results are posted at the Election Results link on the Election Office website as soon as results are available on Election Day. Final official results will be posted to the website after the Board of Canvassers meets to consider provisional ballots and certify the election.

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