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Metal Carports 

The information includes changes being proposed in our ordinances in an effort to address ongoing concerns associated with metal carport structures in our community. These documents are being provided in an effort to receive feedback from the community prior to the next governing body meeting scheduled for April 26, 2012. We would ask that feedback be sent by email to , or comments can also be mailed to Urban Planning, 701 N 7th Street, Suite 423, Kansas City, KS  66101. 

 Please provide all comments prior to the close of business on April 15, 2012. There will be a Planning and Zoning meeting on April 9th, 2012



Metal Carports

2012 Metal Carport Chapt 8 Amendment Proposed by Building Inspection
2012 Metal Carport Update Hearings are Scheduled in April 2012
2012 Metal Carport Chapt 27 Amendments Proposed by Urban Planning and Land Use

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