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PURPOSE: To eliminate blight in a target area of Kansas City, Kansas by providing assistance to very-low income households with repairs that would pose a health and/or safety issue for the homeowner and the community.
ELIGIBILITY: Owner occupied households; having income at or below 60% of HUD area median income guideline. The income limit is at or below 80% of the area median income for the Barrier Removal Program.
TARGET AREA: City limits of Kansas City, Kansas (excludes Edwardsville, Bonner Springs)
  1. Roof
  2. Electrical
  3. Furnace
  4. Plumbing
  5. Barrier Removal
Where required by Local, State or Federal rules, or as required by utility companies to the effective functioning of the housing system being repaired, ancillary work items which in themselves would not constitute an emergency condition will be deemed eligible under the program. Such additional work may be included if, in the judgment of the Senior Rehab Specialist, it is necessary and appropriate in accordance with International Property Maintenance Code of 2003.
INELIGIBLE PROPERTIES: Trailer homes, town homes, duplex and apartment houses, adjoined properties, rental property and property where business is conducted. Houses in foreclosure or bankruptcy, houses with delinquent real estate taxes, and houses with code violations such such as junk and debris, weed, junk cars, etc.
GRANT LIMITS: In order to assist as many households as possible the Department is attempting to hold to an aggregate cost. However, the Community Development Department will review the homeowner's needs and make determinations accordingly.
LIMITATIONS IN PROGRAM SCOPE: Where multiple repairs are needed which, in the aggregate cost, would exceed the grant limits defined above, the Director of Community Development may approve such grants if and only if the cost of repairs does not exceed the market value of the property and the repairs to the property would significantly extend the useful life of the property.


Family Size

60% EHRP

80% Barrier

1 $30,840.00 $41,100.00
2 $35,220.00 $46,950.00
3 $39,600.00 $52,800.00
4 $43,980.00 $58,650.00
5 $47,520.00 $63,650.00
6 $51,060.00 $68,050.00
7 $54,540.00 $72,750.00
8 $58,080.00 $77,450.00

***For family sizes larger than 8-persons, add the above figure to the 8-persons income for each family member in excess of 8.

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