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Strawberry Hill Museum & Cultural Center

720 N. 4th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66101

Strawberry HillJohn G. Braecklein erected this Victorian style home in 1887 for John and Margaret Scroggs.

It was considered, at the time, one of the most outstanding examples of the Queen Anne Style architecture erected in Kansas City, Kansas. The Scroggs family lived there for 32 years.

Many children of the local St. John the Baptist Parish were left without one or both parents due to an influenza epidemic in 1918. The Church's Pastor, Msgr. Martin D. Krmpotic, asked the Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King to open a local orphanage for these children.

Upon closing of the orphanage, the property was acquired by the Strawberry Hill Ethnic Cultural Society for conversion into a museum dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Slavic heritage prevalent in the Kansas City, Kansas area. The Museum displays various ethnic cultures that immigrants from Eastern Europe brought to Kansas City, Kansas in the early 1900s. The Museum also hosts various exhibits of original art, music and dance of many cultures. Original furnishings obtained from the descendants of Margaret Cruise are displayed throughout the 1887 Scroggs Victorian home.

The home is located in the historic Strawberry Hill neighborhood. Strawberry Hill is a quaint community where immigrants from Croatia and Slovenia settled on the hillside looking at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri river.

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Hours: Open Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m. to  5p.m.

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