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Kansas City: Economy
Major Industries and Commercial Activity 

Cattle KC Stockyards
Cattle at Stockyards 

Kansas City Live Stock Exchange Building
 Kansas City Live Stockyard Exchange Building

Kansas City Stockyards Photo
Kansas City Stockyard

Kansas City was once the second largest meat packing industry in the world, second only to Chicago. The opening of the Kansas City Stockyards by the railroads catapulted the city into an important shipping point for many goods and services.

Today, the city has diversified into a transportation, medical, and manufacturing center. InternationalGM Assembly Plant trade is emerging as an important inter-jurisdictional issue in the Midwest region. The 1998 Mid-Continent TradeWay Study reinforced this reality. This study found that a significant amount of international cargo is already processed in or passes through the Kansas City region. The principal industrial activity in Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas involves:

  • Automobile manufacturing and distribution
  • Railroads
  • Bakery products  
  • Meat processing
  • Agriculture continues to be
    important in the rural area west of the city 
RailroadWhether by highway, rail or air, Kansas City offers excellent transportation and marketing advantages for your business. We’re home to numerous production facilities, warehouses and distribution centers that make it easier, cheaper, and more profitable to ship raw materials and finished goods when you’re located in the nation’s heartland. 

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