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Delinquent Real Estate

Tax Sale List


The Chief Counsel of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas is required by Kansas Law to institute an action in the District Court against the owners and persons having or claiming to have an interest in real property upon which the taxes have not been paid for three or more years.

The action in the District Court, which takes the form of a petition, asks the District Court to determine the amount of taxes, charges, interest and penalties charged to each piece of property to be included in the sale, and that the court decree the amount due to be a first and prior lien upon the real estate and that the property be sold at a public sale to satisfy the lien.

County tax sales are held to help collect unpaid taxes. Click on the following link to obtain information on a list of properties on the Tax Sale List. Remember, you must pre-register to participate in the Tax Sale.

Tax Sale List  |  Tax Sale List Images

For additional information on how to prepare for individuals sales at an auction, please select the link to left of the page.

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