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Deputy chief counsels assist the Chief Counsel in managing the Legal Department, directing the work of attorneys, with the assistance of administrative staff and a contract compliance officer.

The following list describes some of the services provided by the Division attorneys:

  • Litigation, including cases relating to contracts, construction, civil rights, employment issues (gender, race, age, disability); drafting legal pleadings and appearing in state and federal courts and at administrative hearings.
  • Advise Unified Government administrators as to the legal implications of government operations.
  • Draft and approve legislation to be adopted by the governing body to be codified in the Code of Ordinances.
  • Advise on planning and zoning issues and represent the Unified Government in related litigation.
  • Advise on personnel decisions, including discipline, terminations, and general compliance with Unified Government policies, as well as state and federal laws.
  • Advise the Unified Government pertaining to its relations with its labor unions.
  • Draft and review legal documents such as contracts, deeds, leases, licensing agreements, interlocal agreements, and purchasing documents.
  • Perform legal research and render legal opinions.
  • File claims in bankruptcy proceedings (primarily related to unpaid taxes) and litigate any objections that are filed.
  • Advise on employee benefit plans (Section 125 cafeteria plan, Section 457 deferred compensation plan, and medical, dental, and vision plans).
  • Draft and review proposed state and federal legislation and assist the Unified Government lobbyist as requested.
  • Defend the County's position in tax appeals before the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals and advise the County Appraiser's Office regarding tax appraisal matters.
  • Advise on Kansas Open Records Act compliance.
  • Advise departments charged with maintenance of County land records.
  • Advise on the UG’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Advise on emergency management and homeland security issues.
  • Advise the Election Commissioner on legal aspects of the election process, including ward boundaries, petitions, ballot language, recall issues, canvasses, and contract matters.
  • Analyze and manage the risk of potential losses arising out of UG operations.
  • Represent the County in foreclosures upon real estate where taxes are delinquent, where property is offered for sale at public auction to collect the taxes and answer related inquiries.
  • Represent the County's interest in mortgage foreclosures.
  • Advise on public improvement projects and related financing and represent the UG in related eminent domain proceedings.
  • Advise on economic development projects.
  • Coordinate property acquisition for the Unified Government.
  • Assist with coordination of federal, state, and local environmental regulation.
  • Advise on wastewater utility regulation.
  • Advise on solid waste management.
  • Advise on Public Safety issues (Fire Department and Police Department).
  • Advise on Board of Public Utilities issues.

Legal Department attorneys represent only the Unified Government and its officers and employees.  They do not give legal advice to the public. Persons needing legal assistance should contact a private attorney.

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Legal Hours Kenneth J. Moore Phone Numbers
City Hall 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Chief Counsel P: (913) 573-5060
701 N 7th Street Monday - Friday   F: (816) 573-5243
Suite 961   Prosecutors Office P: (913) 573-5090
Kansas City, KS     F: (913) 573-5099

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