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Risk Management Division

The Risk Management Division is one of four Divisions under the Legal Department. There are various civil projects and the construction of structures and facilities that take place throughout the city and county every year.

safety manual Due to the fact that the Unified Government faces the potential for employee injury, property damage and liability suits in virtually all operations, the Risk Management Department is dedicated to minimizing or eliminating the exposure of the government’s assets and resources to accidental and business loss. These are risks that are inherent to large projects and are often subject to a number of technical risks and contractual challenges.

The Risk Management Division implements effective risk management and risk reduction strategies through continuous assessment, mitigation, and contingency planning. The risk manager identifies and analyzes the risk of potential losses arising out of the Unified Government operations to provide a structured decision-making process on how to select the most cost effective risk mitigation or response option for each risk or risk category.

stretching envelope The City’s Risk Management Department is a service provider, working closely with all operating departments within the City in an effort to protect the City’s financial, physical, and human resources more effectively. The Department is staffed with experts in the following areas: safety, loss control, claims management, contract management, occupational safety and health, insurance, and risk financing.

The Risk Manager negotiates insurance/benefits contracts for more than 2,500 UG employees, vehicles, and buildings. Through effective negotiations the risk manager can save tax payers thousands of dollars a year through insurance premiums.

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