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Building a productive partnership between the Unified Government, Kansas Legislature and Congress which protects local government funding and respects local control is the primary goal of Unified Government lobbying efforts.

Public Relations Director Mike Taylor serves as the staff lobbyist for the Unified Government, among a host of other duties. Each year, the Unified Government Board of Commission approves a prioritized list of issues before the Kansas Legislature. Some involve proposed changes in state law that would improve the UG's ability to provide quality service to its residents.

The Unified Government is also a member of the League of Kansas Municipalities and the Kansas Association of Counties. In addition to educational training, hosting conferences, advising municipalities on best practices and legal issues, both organizations engage in lobbying the Kansas Legislature on issues affecting local government.

The Unified Government and the Board of Public Utilities, the municipally-owned electric and water utility, contract with EnGage LLC to interact with the Kansas Congressional delegation in Washington, DC. We have provided a list of Legislative Agendas organized by year. If you did not find what you were searching for or have trouble downloading a file, please contact Mike Taylor.

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2017 Legislative Agenda/Program


2016 Legislative Agenda/Program


Kansas State Capitol

The State House
Topeka, Kansas

2016 Legislative Testimony

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