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Development Review Committee

DRC Process 

Trey Maevers, DRC Coordinator
4953 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
Phone: 913- 573-8664
Fax: 913-573-8622

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



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Pre-application meetings are available with DRC. The purpose of the pre-application meetings is to provide applicants with the opportunity to meet with City representatives, identify potential issues, assist the applicant in preparing their submittal to the City, and to expedite processing of the development application. Pre-application meetings are advisory only. To schedule a meeting or for additional information, please contact Melissa Mitchell, DRC Coordinator, at (913) 573-8664

Prior to scheduling a pre-application meeting with DRC, we recommend you contact Urban Planning and Land Use to discuss your project. Depending on your scope of work, zoning, and use you may need file an application for the Planning Commission.  If this applies to your project, approval from the Planning Commission is required before any building permits can be issued.

Submittal Requirements: Reference the EDR submittal requirments for plans, two (2) COMcheck reports, caculations, and spec books fi they apply, building permit application, and the plan review fee are required at the time of submittal. All plans and specification are required to be prepared, designed, signed and sealed by Kansas licensed design professional. If the project has been reviewed by the Planning Commission, a detailed transmittal letter specifying if there were any revisions made to the previously approved set, or if there were not any revisions made, is a requirment for submittal. This transmittal letter shall be signed and sealed by the design professional of record. Projects are distributed to DRC on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Projects with commercial pools and pre-package food are required to be reviewed by the UG Health Department. Projects This transmittal letter shall be signed and sealed by the design professional of record. involving food service establishments, taverns, private clubs, nursing homes, child care, schools, or hospitals are required to be reviewed by the State of Kansas Department of Agriculture. The applicant is responsible for providing the required plans to these departments.

Plan Review- Plan review comments are anticipated within the first 5-10 business days of new and resubmittals. Plans are reviewed in the order received. Departmental Requirement and Recommendation forms (plan review comments) will be emailed or faxed to the project’s point of contact. Reference the EDR submittal requirments for resubmittals. A detailed transmittal letter specifying how staff comments were addressed is required with all resubmitals. As of May 1, 2008, resubmittals (3rd plan review) with a significant change in design and projects with multiple plan reviews may be subjected to additional plan review fees. Single sheet revisions are not longer accepted and shall be included and resubmitted in a complete set.

Issuance of the Building Permit– Site Grading and Footing and Foundation permits may be requested (prior to the full building permit) but are subjected to the review and approval of DRC. An additional fee of $200 is required with the issuance of a Footing and Foundation permit and the project is required to comply with inspections.  If the project is over an acre and erosion control is required a Land Disturbance permit must be acquired with the Public Works Department before any site work may begin.

Approval from all reviewing departments is required for a building permit to be issued. At the time of issuance, the Department Requirement and Recommendation forms are required to be signed and returned, and the building permit fee paid. Additional permits and fees may be required by other reviewing departments.

Inspections- Upon completion of the project and the required inspections, DRC members will conduct final inspections prior to the issuance of a certification of occupancy. This final inspection is to assure that all the requirements have been met and all ordinances have been complied with.
 Reference the DRC Inspection page.

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