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GIS Datasets Available


Below is a list of GIS Digital Data that’s available of Wyandotte County. This list not all-inclusive and is subject to change. Contact us if you are looking for something not on this list. The “$” symbol represents datasets that come with a fee. All other data can be obtained at no charge. Data file format is ESRI ® ShapeFile unless otherwise noted. Note that many of these GIS datasets are available for free download (see link to Downloads below). All other listed data can be requested from GeoSpatial Services (contact information is above).

$ Real Estate Parcel (with taxroll attribution including owner name/address)
$ ¼ section Topographic/Planimetric Maps (AutoCAD DWG format)- download sample file

Go DirectlyTo No-Charge GIS Digital Downloads (GeoPortal) 

  • City Limits
  • County Limits
  • Real Estate Parcels (with only Parcel-ID- no owner or address info)
  • Street Centerlines
  • Color Aerial Photography (Tiff or MrSID image)
  • Sites of Interest
  • School Districts
  • Elementary Schools
  • Secondary, Higher Education Schools
  • Public Parks
  • Kansas House Districts
  • Kansas Senate Districts
  • Wards & Precincts
  • UG Commissioner Districts
  • Tax Districts
  • Drainage Districts
  • KCK Code Enforcement Districts
  • KCK Building Inspection Districts
  • KCK Neighborhood Groups
  • KCK Land Bank Zones
  • Hydrology
  • PLSS Sections
  • PLSS ¼-Sections
  • PLSS Townships
  • Railroads
  • Zip Codes
  • Flood Hazard Zones
  • Underground Mines
  • Elevation (LIDAR)
  • Community Redevelopment Areas
  • Other—Inquire 


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