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Many businesses that pay occupation taxes are also required to obtain one or more business licenses. Licenses are different from occupation taxes in that certain standards have to be met or maintained in order to receive or keep them.
Most licenses are revocable if these standards are not upheld. Also, occupation taxes generally run from January 1 to December 31 of a given year while licenses generally expire one year after issuance. The most common licenses issued by Business Licensing are those for: 

Private Clubs and Drinking Establishments (Alcohol)

Cereal Malt Beverage (3.2 percent Beer)

Temporary Alcohol

Temporary Cereal Malt Beverage

Live Entertainment/Dancing


Coin Operated Amusement Devices

Garage Sales

Fireworks Displays

Fireworks Stands



Taxi/Livery Vehicles

Taxi/Livery Drivers



Security Guard Services

Pawn Brokers

Precious Metals Dealers

Massage Therapy Establishments

Massage Therapists

Sidewalk Sales

Street/Sidewalk Food Vendors



Businesses that are located in Wyandotte County must obtain zoning and building inspection approvals prior to being issued an occupation tax receipt. Additional approvals may also apply, depending on the nature of the business. Requirements for business licenses vary widely, please call Business Licensing for information specific to the license desired. 

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