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Community Development

Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program
Eligible and Ineligible Activities

Eligible vs. Ineligible Activities 

HPRP eligible activities are focused on housing-either financial assistance to help pay for housing or services designed to keep people in housing or to find housing.  The intent of HPRP is to rapidly transition program participants to stability, either through their own means or through public assistance, as appropriate. HPRP is not intended to provide long-term support for program participants, but rather short-term and/or medium-term (Docket No. FR-5307-N-01).

There are four eligible activities under HPRP:

  1. Financial Assistance
  2. Housing Relocation and Stabilization
  3. Data Collection and Evaluation
  4. Administration

Participant Eligibility Requirements:

  • Any family or individual provided financial assistance through HPRP must
    A) have at least an initial consultation with a case manager or other authorized representative who can determine the appropriate type of  assistance to meet  their needs
    B) be at least 50% of AMI household
    C) either be homeless or at risk of losing its housing and meet both of the following circumstances;
         1) no appropriate subsequent housing options have been identified, and
         2) the household lacks the financial resources and support networks needed to obtain housing or remain in existing housing
  • Grantees have the discretion to enforce additional or modify the minimum requirements set by HUD

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