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Community Development

Emergency Solutions Grant


  • ESG require a 100% match
  • Continuum of Care (COC) requires 25% match

    What Counts as Match?Grantees/recipients may use any of the following in calculating the amount of matching funds provided:
    • Cash;
    • The value or fair rental value of any donated material or building
    • The value of any lease on a building;
    • Any salary paid to staff to carry out the program of the recipient; and
    • The value of the time and services contributed by volunteers to carry out the program of the recipient at a current rate of $5 per hour. [Note: Volunteers providing professional services such as medical or legal services are valued at the reasonable and customary rate in the community.]
  • Those receiving grant awards must agree to have information entered into the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) administered by the Mid America Assistance Coalition (MAAC). Agencies are responsible for contracting with MAAC.

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