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Wyandotte Constitutional Convention Members 


Kansas and Missouri Border War 

 Kansas and Missouri Border War  

The election of delegates occurred Tuesday, June 7. It was the first contest at the polls between the recently organized Republican and Democratic parties in the Territory. Many of the old Free-State men refrained from voting and many who had been life-long Democrats until coming to Kansas, returned to their former party. The Kansas Democracy at that time proclaimed itself as an Anti-Lecompton Free-State party, and thus brought to its support the entire Democratic Free-State vote of the Territory. The result was the election of seventeen Democrats -- ten from Leavenworth County, four from Doniphan County, and one each from Jefferson, Jackson, and Johnson. The remaining thirty-five were elected by the Republicans.

The names of Delegates, with place of birth, residence at the time of election, age, and occupation, appear in the following table, copied from Wilder's Annals of Kansas -- Democrats highlighted in black:

Members of the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention* Information from theKansas Collection Books; William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas,
Territorial History Part 57, The Wyandotte Constitutional Convention*





J. M. Arthur  Linn Indiana 42 Farmer
Josiah Lamb    Linn     Indiana   42 Mechanic
Caleb May  Atchison Kentucky   44 Farmer
S. A. Kingman Brown    Massachusetts 38 Lawyer
J. J. Ingalls           Atchison  Massachusetts 34 Lawyer
John P. Greer       Shawnee   Ohio  38 Lawyer
R. L. Williams Douglas  Kentucky 42 Merchant
J. A. Middleton Marshall   Pennsylvania

25 Lawyer

F. Simpson          Lykins Ohio  23 Lawyer
P. H. Townsend      Douglas New Hampshire 33 Lawyer
H. D. Preston  Shawnee   New Hampshire 28 Farmer
J. C. Burnett  Bourbon  Vermont  34 Farmer
W. R. Griffith Bourbon Indiana 39 Farmer
 N. C. Blood      Douglas Vermont       42 Merchant
T. S. Wright Nemaha  Pennsylvania  50 Lawyer
G. H. Lillie  Madison      Ohio 35 Lawyer

S. E. Hoffman 



25 Lawyer
A. Crocker Coffey  Indiana 34 Farmer
L. R. Palmer Pottawatomie  New York 40 Physician
James G. Blunt Anderson  Maine  33 Physician
James Hanway  Franklin   England  49 Farmer
W. Hutchinson  Douglas 


35 Farmer

James Blood

Douglas    Vermont  39 Merchant
S. O.  Thacher        Douglas       New York      28 Lawyer

Ed. Stokes



35 Manufacturer

S. D. Houston  Riley  Ohio        40 Farmer
J. P. Slough  Leavenworth   Ohio  30 Lawyer

A. W. McCulloch

Morris      Scotland      44 Farmer
C. B. McClelland  Jefferson  Ohio           30 Merchant
J. W. Forman  Doniphan  Kentucky      40 Merchant
J. Stairwalt  Doniphan Ohio  45 Farmer
E. M. Hubbard  Doniphan    Kentucky   30 Merchant
P. S. Parks    Leavenworth  Indiana   26 Lawyer
Fred Brown  Leavenworth   Germany 33 Manufacturer
Samuel Hipple  Leavenworth   Pennsylvania   28 Land Agent
S. A. Stinson   Leavenworth  Maine         26 Lawyer
William C. McDowell  Leavenworth Ohio   31 Lawyer

A. D. McCune 



31 Farmer

John Wright  Leavenworth  Indiana    33 Farmer
William Perry  Leavenworth  New York  28 Lawyer 
R. C. Foster  Leavenworth  Kentucky   24 Lawyer 
Robert Graham Atchison   Ireland       55 Merchant 

J. T. Barton



28 Physician
E. Moore  Jackson    Ohio  38 Manufacturer
B. Wrigley    Doniphan   Ohio  29 Lawyer 
W. P. Dutton    Lykins  New Hampshire 42 Farmer 

J. Ritchie  



41 Farmer

E. G. Rose

Wabaunsee  Ohio      32 Printer 
J. H. Signor  Allen New York  25 Surveyor 
R. J. Porter       Doniphan Pennsylvania  28 Merchant 
J. M. Winchell  Osage New York  35 Farmer 
J. T. Burris  Johnson  Ohio   28 Lawyer 


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