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Google High Speed Fiber Pilot Project

Google announced its selection of Kansas City, Kansas, as the location for its ultra high-speed fiber project during a news conference on Wednesday, March 30th at Wyandotte High School. 

Google Fiber

Google unveiled their plan a year ago to build and study the use of ultra-high speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the country. As part of this process, the company asked interested communities to submit an application. Like more than 1,100 cities across the nation, the Unified Government (UG) submitted an application for this unique and innovative partnership.   

On Tuesday, May 17, Google announced that it was expanding its Ultra-High Speed Fiber Project into Kansas City, Missouri. The move is being called a positive development which will strengthen the KC region. The Bi-State Innovations Team established by both cities will further enhance its ability to attract innovation, high-tech entrepreneurs, cutting edge technology companies and data driven industries.

Google has committed to providing 1 gigabit per second fiber straight to homes and businesses beginning in the first half of 2012. 

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