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Stormwater Runoff Management
Sediment Pollution

 Clogged Sewer Drain
Soil erosion has blocked stormwater drain


The EPA says that sediment, which makes water cloudy, is the most common pollutant in area streams, rivers, and  lakes. Sediment can come from soil erosion or from decomposition of plants and  animals. 

How Can I Reduce Sediment Runoff?

 Avoid mowing within 10 to 25 feet from edge of creek/stream.  This will minimize erosion & filter runoff sediment. 

  1. Sweep sidewalks and driveways instead of hosing them off. Hosing them off causes sediment to runoff to storm drains. 
  2. Use weed-free mulch when reseeding bare spots on lawn.
  3. Use a straw erosion control blanket if restarting or tilling lawn.
  4. Put compost or weed-free mulch on garden to prevent erosion.
  5. Wash your car at a commercial car wash or on a grass surface.

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