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Septic Systems


 Septic Runoff Pollution
Septic System Pollution

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The EPA estimates 25% of homes use septic systems.  Over 4 billion gallons of wastewater per day is dispersed below ground into septic systems. Improper septic systems overflow onto the ground & can flow into storm drains

How Can I Reduce Septic Runoff?

Wash loads of clothes over several days so you don’t run so much water thru your septic system at one time. 

  1. Have your septic system inspected and pumped by a licensed   contractor on a routine schedule, generally 3 years or less.
  2. Fix or replace your faulty septic system with a licensed contractor if necessary. 
  3. Fix faulty toilets. You can waste 200 gallons of water that goes to your septic system each day. 
  4. Don’t plant trees and shrubs over or near your septic system. 
  5. Don’t drive or park vehicles over any part of your septic system.
  6. Not all items should be disposed of in  your septic system. 

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