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Stormwater Runoff Management
Lawn Chemicals


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Lawn chemicals are the fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides used in lawn and garden care. Over application of any lawn chemical can result in runoff that carries toxic levels of chemicals or excessive nutrients into our streams, rivers and lakes that are untreated.

 How Can I Reduce Lawn Chemical Runoff?

Go natural and consider using compost or natural lawn chemical  alternatives.  

  1. Landscape with native plants. 
  2. Conduct a soil test to determine lawn fertilization needs.
  3.  If using lawn chemicals follow the instructions.
  4. Be aware where you fertilize to minimize runoff potential.
  5. Don’t use lawn chemicals before a rain storm unless there are instructions for such use.
  6. Use of a mulching mower, leaving grass clippings on the yard, may reduce fertilization requirements by 50%.
  7. Contact Wyandotte County’s K-State Extension Office for information regarding integrated pest management. 
    Phone 913-299-9300.

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