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Stormwater Runoff Management
Litter and Trash


Litter and Trash in Storm Drain  

 Neighborhood Litter Pickup
Neighborhood Litter Pickup

Trash and litter is carried off to storm drains. The number one littered item according to Keep America Beautiful Inc. is cigarettes thrown out or dumped onto the streets and parking lots. 

How Can I Reduce Litter/Trash Runoff?

 Participate in neighborhood litter pickup events.

  1. Don’t litter. Use litter bags or containers.
  2. Don’t litter cigarette butts or any other item. 
  3. Pickup litter from the street and your yard. 
  4. Make sure your trash can has a lid on it so trash doesn’t blow. If it does pickup the trash.
  5. Cover all loads on your pickup truck or trailer.
  6. If you are a business owner, check your dumpsters daily and pickup loose trash and litter. 

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