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Public Works

Stormwater Runoff Management
Reporting Problems


Report illegally dumped oil  

Storm drain needs to be cleaned  

Examples of problems that need to be reported

  • Storm drain clogged and needs to be cleaned
  • Storm drain broken and needs to be repaired
  • Individuals/businesses dumping oil and automotive fluids on the street or driveway
  • Businesses or individuals discharging fluids or other pollutants onto the street
  • Other activities that create pollution for stormwater runoff
  • Septic system failing

Please email the type of complaint and location for each problem area to: 3-1-1 Call Center

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Stormwater Runoff Hours Sarah Fijell Phone Numbers
City Hall 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Stormwater Engineer P: (913) 573-5400
701 N 7th Street Monday - Friday Email F: (913) 573-5435
Suite 715      
Kansas City, KS      

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