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City Hall   


Kansas City, Kansas City Hall
1910-11 and 1929-30
KCK Historic Landmark


 City Hall Lofts  
 City Hall Lofts Renovated in 2004 



The First city hall for the newly consolidated city of Kansas City, Kansas had been built by the city of Wyandotte as a public market building, and was probably inadequate from the start.

Following the refore-inspired change to a city commission form of government ni 1910, a new city hall was designed by Rose and Peterson. The grand structure in the Renaissance Revival style was intended to stretch the full length of the block and inclue a city auditorium, but finances dictated that only the south one-third of the design was initially built.

A proposal to build the middle one-third failed in 1917 when the bonds were ruled invalid, and it was left to Keyser to add the north one-half of the completed structure and the new fire headquarters on the balance of the block. In the former, he seamlessly continued Rose and Peterson's design. In the latter the architect continued the use of Renaissance forms but in a more restrained and polished manner, and linked the two buildings togehter through the proportions of the first floor windows and the continuation of the second floor sill line.

This information was obtained from the Wyandotte County Historical Musuem.

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