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Kansas Open Records Act (KORA)   


Open Records Request 

When making a request, we ask that you submit a written request to obtain copies of public records. Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Specific description of the records you are requesting

If possible, please include dates, titles, filed designations, or any other information that will help to find the records and expedite the process.

A request for access to records should be made in writing to the Freedom of Information Officer for the UG:

Bridgette Cobbins
Unified Government County Clerk’s Office
City Hall, Suite 323
701 N. 7th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101  

The Unified Government has 3 business days to either comply with the request or to notify the person when the material will be available and what any costs might be. 

These laws make openness the rule, but while all efforts will be made to process your request for public records, there are times when individual privacy interests or competing public interest override the public right to know. Therefore, there are certain things that are protected under privacy provisions. The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) and the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KOMA) dictate what meetings and records are open to the public.


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