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Kansas Open Records Act (KORA)   


Exemptions to the Open Records Act 

The following is a list of some of the common court records closed by statute:

  • Records exempted by other laws
  • Adoption records
  • Personal information of public employees except for the name of the employee, position held, salary, and length of service
  • Certain criminal investigation records
  • Search warrants, unless entered into evidence
  • Expunged criminal records
  • Many child-in-need-of-care and juvenile records
  • Grand jury proceedings
  • Medical and treatment records
  • The names of donors, if they have requested their names not be released
  • Some  emergency or security procedures
  • Secured bids until one is accepted or all are rejected
  • Correspondence with a private individual

This list does not include all records that are subject to being exempt.  An agency is only required to provide public records that already exist. There is no requirement for the agency to create a record upon request.


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