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Public Relations 

Kansas Open Records Act (KORA)  


Applicable Fees  

The per-page fees to be paid for copies of any records are set locally. The Unified Government’s County Clerk’s Office can provide you with the current fees for record searches and copying. 

In accordance with this provision and the KORA, K.S.A 45-215 et seq., the following fees shall be charged for providing access to or furnishing copies of public records: 

  • Staff time in providing access to inspection of record in excess of 10 minutes-$15/hour 
  • Copy of records produced at Board office in excess of 5 pages-- $.05/page 
  • Copies produced by outside vendor—actual cost 
  • Mailing of Record—actual cost 
  • Certification of record--$.50page 

Additional information about the KORA can be obtained at:  


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