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Property Tax Calculation
Appraised Value

Appraised Value  

AppraisalAll real estate and personal property are valued as of January 1. All property is valued by the County Appraiser.

Real estate is valued by the Appraiser annually. If a building is partially complete at January 1, that part which is complete will be included in the property value for computing taxes.

Laws on personal property require the holder of the property to notify the Appraiser annually what property is subject to tax. Failure to notify timely results in penalties, in addition to tax. If you own the personal property on January 1, you must pay the tax.

A notice of value for all real property is sent by the Appraiser’s Office around the first of March each year. This notice will indicate how you may challenge that value. The first opportunity is called an informal hearing where the landowner meets with the Appraiser to discuss why the landowner and the Appraiser differ on the value of the property. If the landowner convinces the Appraiser that the property is over-valued, the Appraiser can reduce the value at that time. If the two cannot reach agreement, additional steps are available to the landowner prior to the taxes being billed.

If you do not take advantage of the right to an Appeal Hearing, you still have an opportunity to challenge the value. When you get your bill, you can choose to pay the taxes under protest. A form is available for this procedure. Paying Under Protest requires that at least half of the taxes shown as due be paid. Once paid, the hearing will be held which may reduce the amount due for the second half. If the Payment Under Protest is not filed until taxes are paid in full, a refund will be issued if the value is reduced through the appeal.

Notice that Payment Under Protest is an alternative to the original appeal. No taxpayer can undertake both an appeal hearing and a Payment Under Protest.

You are urged to review the Appraiser’s web page for a more in-depth review of appeal options.  

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