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Know Your Rights 

There are a variety of community service providers available in Wyandotte County. You can get a list of those providers and the types of services they provide from WCDDO or from your case manager. You may receive services from any community service provider you choose.


Your case manager can help you access the community service provider of your choice. If you would like to receive series from someone who is not a community service provider, WCDDO will work with that provider or their agency so they can become affiliated. 


You have the right to select and receive case management services from any qualified affiliated provider. If you receive HCBS-MR funding, you will have to select a provider from the list of qualified affiliated providers. 


You have the right to receive services without discrimination as to the severity of your disability unless the Secretary of SRS determines that you present a danger to yourself or others. In this situation you may be offered alternatives to community based services. 


You have the right to receive services that are responsive to your person-centered support plan. It should include opportunities for choice and ensure you are afforded all of your rights. 


You have the right to receive services for which you eligible as longs as state and federal funding is available. You also have the right to transfer your state and federal funds to any affiliated community service provider in Kansas. 


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