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SComplete Streets logoome of Kansas City’s success has been built on its advantages of having an extensive transportation system; highways, rail, and at one time waterway access.  The Unified Government (UG) is committed to building on this legacy through the design and building of road networks that are safer, attractive, more livable and accessible to all users in our city.

On Thursday, April 7, 2011, the UG adopted a Complete Streets resolution as part of ongoing efforts to develop an effective policy that supports the goals of designing, constructing, and maintaining an infrastructure that encourages active living within the City of Kansas City, Kansas. The Complete Streets program is part of the Mayor’s Healthy Community Task Force Initiative and will help ensures that all users are considered at the outset of every transportation project, which consists of 4 main areas:


  1. A walk ability assessment; a rigorous guide to grading our current performance
  2. An updated master plan to provide more details on sidewalks, trails and bicycle paths – so that when new people come to the community to build and invest, they know what they should provide and how things will connect
  3. A direction to staff to go through policies and procedures and identify things that get in the way of providing safe
    and friendly walking on streets – and the commitment to correct them
  4. An initial focus on safe routes to schools, and safe places for children to wait for the bus.
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When planning and designing streets the UG will consider a variety of elements, such as sidewalks, bicycle lanes, paved shoulders, street trees and landscaping, accessible curb ramps, refuge islands, public transportation stops, traffic calming circles and raised medians. These are some of the improvements you can see currently on the newly completed portions of State Ave. from 47th to 67th.

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