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Public Health Department

Health Alerts & Emergencies

The Wyandotte County Public Health Department provides health alerts to ensure that our community has rapid and timely access to emergent health threats and issues. We will update this page as information becomes available. Check back for important health alerts!

Health Alert

Red Sphere Bullet  Avian Influenza Alert

Red Sphere Bullet  Enterovirus D68

Red Sphere Bullet  Ebola: What You Need To Know

Red Sphere Bullet  Measles Alert

Red Sphere Bullet  Influenza Information

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Public Health Hours Terry Brecheisen Phone Numbers
Health Department 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Director P: (913) 573-6707
619 Ann Avenue Monday - Friday Email F: (913) 321-7932
Kansas City, KS Selected services on:    
66101 Thursday     
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