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The Kansas Brownfields Program is funded through an EPA grant.  Through the program, KDHE can provide Brownfields Targeted Assessments (BTAs)for eligible projects that satisfy a community need or help create jobs. BTAs provide a Phase I environmental assessment “at no cost” to the project or community in order to identify potential environmental concerns.  A Phase II environmental assessment, which samples soil and groundwater, may also be conducted if warranted.  A BTA can also evaluate asbestos, mold, or lead-based paint issues.  This information is vital for planning for remodeling or demolition/construction activities.

BTAs promote redevelopment not only through identifying the presence or absence of contamination, they also fulfill due environmental diligence requirements, reduce landowner liability, and can be used to leverage funding through both public and private sources. Once a property has been evaluated, KDHE can direct the landowner if necessary into an appropriate cleanup program.  

The Kansas Brownfields Program targets projects that have community benefit and support in terms of job creation, economic impact, green initiatives, or community need, such as libraries, community buildings, fire stations, main street storefronts, and commercial real estate, all of which are key elements to rural community development and/or small start–up businesses. More information on the KDHE Brownfields program can be found at:


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