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Brownfields Program


Project Consulting TeamTetra Tech, Inc. (Tetra Tech) 

Tetra Tech, Inc. (Tetra Tech) is responsible for assisting with Grant Management activities and performing Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on behalf of the UG. Tetra Tech employees more than 100 regional staff with highly relevant Brownfields experience. Tetra Tech’s local staff has completed hundreds of environmental site assessments, risk-based corrective action, and other projects including recent area-wide Brownfields assessments on behalf of Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Testing & Engineering, LLC (KCTE)

Kansas City Testing & Engineering, LLC (KCTE) is responsible for assisting the UG and Tetra Tech with grant coordination activities and performing Phase I and Phase II ESAs on behalf of the UG. KCTE staffs highly experienced environmental consultants with many years of experience performing Phase I and II ESAs and assessing environmental liabilities prior to property transfers, acquisitions and mergers. KCTE is a local Wyandotte County, small disadvanted, woman-owned and operated firm certified in the State of Kansas.

Shockey Consulting Services, LLC (Shockey)

Shockey Consulting Services, LLC (Shockey) is responsible for assisting the UG and Tetra Tech with planning, community involvement and public participation consulting services in support of the UG’s Brownfields grant.  Shockey’s services include setting and operating organizational, capital and community priorities; developing new programs; improving existing programs; measuring program performance and educating and involving the public. Shockey is a certified woman-owned small business in the State of Kansas.

Seagull Environmental Technologies, Inc. (Seagull)

Seagull Environmental Technologies, Inc. (Seagull) will be responsible for performing and conducting intrusive soil and groundwater drilling during proposed Phase II ESA activities.  Seagull has performed drilling services as a team subcontractor to Tetra Tech for the US EPA Superfund Technical Assistance and Response Team (START) contracts in EPA Regions 3, 4, and 7.  Seagull owns and operates Direct Push Technology drilling equipment, and employs direct-push technology (DPT) operators.  Seagull is a minority, woman-owned, disadvantaged firm located in Kansas City, Missouri.


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