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Sidewalk Incentive Program

Sidewalk Replacement Incentive Policy

Program Elements:

  • Reimburse owner, tenant or contractor a flat unit rate for permitted and inspected replacement of existing sidewalk
  • Rate will be targeted to cover approximately 50% of the average cost for sidewalk removal and replacement for one house, 60% for 2-5 adjacent houses and 75% for more than 5 houses in a row.  Rate may be adjusted annually to balance demand for this program and to reflect changing construction costs
  • Program will be funded as a separate line item in the annual budget
  • Reimbursement limited to extent of annual funds available on a first come, first serve basis
  • Funds will be allocated equally to each of the eight commission districts until July 1, 2012 and each year after.  After July 1, all uncommitted funds will be available for any eligible location in the city
  • Any funds still available September 1 may be used on a first come, first served basis for sidewalk removal and replacement for properties adjacent to UG facilities, parks or schools

Quality Controls:  To be eligible for reimbursement all of the following must occur:

  • Right-of-way use permit obtained
  • UG staff perform initial site review during which area of removal are marked and photos taken
  • UG staff perform form inspection
  • UG staff perform final inspection
  • Materials and workmanship comply with Kansas City, Kansas construction standards
  • It is the permittee’s sole responsibility to coordinate the necessary inspections


  • Only Kansas City, Kansas properties are eligible
  • Existing residences are eligible
  • Redevelopment that is eligible for tax incentives through TIF or NRA is eligible
  • Commercial property will limited to 1,200 SF of walk in any given year
  • Eligible work is the replacement of sidewalk in the right-of-way parallel to the street for repair of trip hazard or cosmetic repair and the replacement of driveway aprons up to 10 feet behind curb. (Driveway will be reimbursed at the sidewalk rate)  Brick or specialty concrete will be reimbursed at the same rate as concrete walk
  • Extension of walk where it does not currently exist is not eligible

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Public Works Hours Tim Nick Phone Numbers
City Hall 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Program Coordinator P: (913) 573-5400
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